We are three


We’re about to turn three, and like all three-year-olds, we’ve grown and are still growing rapidly. Also like the average three-year-old, we’re a challenging, disruptive bundle of restless creative energy, charged with big ideas. And we learn something new every day.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done, how far we’ve come, and where we’ve come from. How hard we’ve worked, where we are now, and where we’re looking to go in the future.

To completely misquote WB Yeats; we have known both the fool’s triumph and jobs lost as soon as won.

It’s been a labour of love. A story forged on friendship, late nights, early mornings, sheer graft, lots of laughs and plenty of ping-pong.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks and we’ll tell you all about it.

Or don’t, but we’ll be posting about it anyway.