Our new website is live


Our New Website Is Live

We’ve come a long way in our three and a half years. We’ve built brands and helped businesses thrive through a combination of creativity and clear thinking. We’ve challenged conventions, ripped up rulebooks, affected change and shifted opinions.

It’s been a labour of love, a steep learning curve, and a lot of late nights and early starts, but with a team of 12 bold and occasionally brilliant creative bods, we can proudly say we’re now one of the fastest-growing agencies in the South. So, we thought it was about time we launched a shiny new website to showcase all the wonderful work we’ve been creating with our clients.

Designed by our very own senior designer George, the new site delivers a fully-responsive experience, featuring a fresh new look and feel, easier, more intuitive navigation, and a seamless transition between desktop and mobile, with the site optimised for mobile browsing. So far, pretty much as you’d expect from any self-respecting website relaunch, but what makes this different and relevant from both a client and user perspective?

With a deeper focus on our creative process, we outline how we work with clients to define the most effective way to unlock the true potential of their brand.

We’ve also put a lot of thought into our new mission statement, which we’ve called The Canopy Code. Our code outlines the rules we live by and defines what drives us, and should be a useful indicator that we’d be a good fit to partner with clients who share the same values.

Not that we like to shout about it, but we’ve also picked up and been nominated for a few awards this past year, so it would be remiss of us not to mention these in passing. With that in mind we’ve created a digital trophy cabinet, or a virtual award shelf if you will. Want to work with an award-winning and proven effective brand design agency? We might just be your perfect partner.