Infinite Energy Possibilities


Zeigo is determined to change clean energy procurement for the better and for good, allaying progressive thinking with cutting edge technology, impacting not only businesses bottom line, but world climate change. The Canopy developed a bold new look and confident brand language to reflect this trailblazing climate technology company.

Zeigo is a trailblazing climate technology platform that helps businesses accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Their mission to change energy procurement for the better, by making the search for the right Power Purchase Agreements [PPA] as easy and cost-effective as possible. 

Zeigo approached The Canopy with an initial brief to refresh their brand and clarify their offering. Their team was clearly determined to make a difference not only to businesses’ energy procurement, but also to have a tangible impact on world climate change in the long term .They already had a great product and were a brand positively bursting with potential. It was our job to help them unlock their true potential. 

The Zeigo team is made up of passionate people who truly love what they do. Our challenge was to communicate the benefits of Zeigo’s innovative climate technology platform, helping them grow as a globally operational and recognised brand. We therefore developed a strategy that clearly conveyed the potentially game-changing benefits this unique technology platform could offer their customers. 

We wanted to help Zeigo build a brand that showcased their great product, clearly demonstrating the difference their approach to digitising the PPA process could make in impacting not just businesses sustainability targets, but also having a positive impact in the battle against climate change. It was important to create a brand without losing the essential spirit of what had made Zeigo so special thus far. We began by outlining a manifesto and articulating a set of values that both new team members and new customers could identify with and that would drive Zeigo’s continued expansion; Transparent, Innovative, Disruptive and Passionate. 

Creatively, we developed a brand look that aimed to portray Zeigo as bold, dynamic, disruptive and resolutely tech focused. A distinctive new colour palette was defined to bring standout and visual recognition. The new Zeigo logo incorporates a dynamic ‘Z’ mark – a recognisable infinity symbol that represents the infinite possibilities of renewable energy. The symbol provides the catalyst for creative expression – a window on Zeigo’s world. 

We devised a simple, clear and confident tone of voice and a bold new positioning statement that showcased their determination to make a positive difference not only to businesses sustainability targets, but to impact world climate change: Climate Technology that doesn’t cost the Earth. 

“We loved working with the Canopy team. They understood our requirements and our company inside out. We enjoyed the whole process of working with them on developing our brand and love the finished product!” 

JP, Zeigo Founder and CEO