The Canopy — Work Back to top

Creative work
that works.

We tell compelling brand stories, craft daring design, and build bold identities.

Ryobi — Brand guidance and creative direction.

Defining the creative direction across EMEA for one of the world’s largest DIY brands.

H&M — Invigorating Employees.

Invigorating employees of a global fashion brand.

Lynq — Brand design and positioning.

Reinventing the brand that’s reinventing manufacturing execution systems software.

Milwaukee — High Output.

Defining power for the world’s most powerful tools.

Green Heroes — An idea that inspired a movement.

An idea that inspired a movement.

Velux — Bringing light to life.

Bringing the light to Velux’s branding communications.

AEG — Pro tools. Pro trades. One battery.

The powerful marketing behind the trade’s most powerful tools.

Zenergi — Energy Freedom.

Helping businesses reach Energy Freedom.

Berrywood School — A school within a garden.

Creating inspiring new learning areas and redefining the outlook and ethos of a unique ‘school within a garden’.

Bewley — Home.

Crafting the story of Home.

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