Two years, two cats and too many tacos.


The Canopy Studio team walking down a street in Barcelona

This month I celebrated my two-year anniversary at The Canopy. Now is a good time to reflect and collect my thoughts and experiences working with this ever-evolving studio.

A place to call home.

When starting two years ago, I can whole-heartedly say that the welcoming atmosphere was a breath of fresh air. I always wanted to work with an open-minded and culture centric studio. This is exactly what I found.

The hardest challenge when starting a new design position is getting to grips with the brands that the studio works with. The Canopy work with world-renowned brands to deliver high quality communication and design across a variety of media – understanding consistency and delivering high quality work that is on-brand took a lot of concentration and dedication, but after the direction from my senior and design director it was easily understood. At the start, I was collaborating with my colleagues to produce work, this gave me the opportunity to develop my skills. It always helps me improve on my expertise when the people who I work with have a similar positive attitude towards design.


Learn, laugh and grow.

Working with artistic, like-minded colleagues has opened up my creative outlook. Over the first year, I could clearly see my skills improving. I feel that as a designer you should always be responsive to the current design culture – exploring new techniques and learning from others. Another resource that helped me gain new knowledge was a company called The Futur; a social platform that gives insight into the design field and compelling lectures. In my second year, I started to become invested in helping other creatives start their journey in a design career. I had brief chats with Dan & Marc about how I wanted to bring on interns and now we are in the process of offering opportunities to local graduates.

One of my proudest moments over the past year at The Canopy is introducing an alternative format for presenting branding to clients. It has been successful in showcasing our direction and helping secure new projects. It was a pleasure to see the way my senior colleagues reacted to the concept and as I mentioned earlier showed me that The Canopy are truly collaborative.

A highlight from my first year at the Canopy was having the opportunity to go to Barcelona with the team. We had been working hard in the studio prior to this and it was a fantastic time to get to know my colleagues better. I’ve realised that over the past two years I have not only met some incredible creatives but made some special friendships too.

A project I want to highlight which was a great opportunity for me to grow was a recent web design project for Adthena. I was given the opportunity to take the reins on a re-design of the website, this helped me show my passion for not only the design process but also converse with the client to ensure we achieve the best product possible. The outcome was a huge success and Adthena were overjoyed by our commitment to the project.

Personal life.

Over the past two years, my personal life has also grown alongside my work career. This year has been especially hard, but albeit a truly special year. Myself and my (now) wife got married in September, which was a beautiful – but Covid secure – wedding. Another exciting moment over the past two years was bringing home my two cats (Casper and Oscar), my colleagues often call my Joe Exotic as I’m rather obsessed with cats. Working through a pandemic, The Canopy made our well-being as employees as stress free as possible. We have not only continued to deliver high quality creative work, but we have also grown substantially now with an additional 5 employees. I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing what my future holds working with the team – we have some exciting opportunities that I can’t wait to collaborate on.