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An ideas collective. Crafting global brands with effective design.

About us — The Canopy team

The Canopy was founded in 2015 by Sarah, Dan and Marc, three lifelong friends with a passion for great design and a desire to make a difference.

Our beliefs.

We believe in design that makes a difference. In ideas that move our clients’ customers, that provoke a reaction, that challenge preconceived notions and elicit powerful responses. We tell compelling brand stories, stories of distinction, stories unique to your brand and your identity.

Who we
work with.

Our clients come to think us as part of their team, or an extension or their work family, always ready to share our experience, expertise and enthusiasm for what we do. We’re trusted by some of the biggest names in business, as well as some not-so-big names, but how we work remains the same; and that’s together.

Our awards.

Effective design and ideas are at the core of what we do. We believe in delivering effective and creative solutions to help connect people to our clients’ brands and products.

the team.

At the heart of everything we do are great people who love working with great people, and a passion for outstanding design that truly makes a difference. Meet the bold, brave, curious, considerate, distracting, disruptive, inspired, inspiring problem-solving, convention-challenging, change-affecting, opinion-shifting, never-settling, hard-grafting bunch of creative bods that make The Canopy.



Marc Reeves

As Creative Partner, Marc has a wealth of marketing expertise and a passion for bold, brilliant and effective design. With a degree in Product Design with Marketing, Marc’s career has encompassed everything from video production, to strategic planning, to product development and launch. A digital marketing expert, Marc has driven online strategy for a number of the world leaders in consumer, professional and industrial products. He co-founded The Canopy in 2015.



Sarah Hornett

As Account Partner, Sarah acts as the lead contact and senior project manager, working with you to outline and define the creative vision and strategy and deliver the work that gives your brand the edge over your competitors. With a background in Graphic Design, Sarah has extensive knowledge and experience of the agency process from both a creative and strategic perspective, and loves a project that allows her to stretch both skillsets. Sarah co-founded The Canopy together with Marc and Dan in 2015.



Dan Todd

As Design Partner, Dan’s role is to wade through the unnecessary to deliver truly outstanding and effective design, that gives you stand out over your competitors. Leading a team of four designers, Dan will work with his team and the Creative Director to define the creative vision and strategy for your project, bringing it to reality through a combination of daring design, creative courage and a little sprinkling of love. Together with Marc and Sarah, he co-founded The Canopy in 2015, which he cites as his proudest achievement. Apart from being crowned 1997 Weymouth Disco Dancing Champion.


CGI & VFX Director

Andrey Lebrov

Star Wars obsessive and Jedi Master of all things effects-related, Andrey is inspired by the infinite possibilities in the world, and never tires of recreating the real world on screen. Awe-inspiring computer skills aside, Andrey loves spending time with his wife Natalia, and acting as ‘Horsie’ to his daughter Mila, who he credits as his personal stress eliminator. Typical Andrey quote; “What is fun?”.


Senior Creative

George Flood

George graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design. With a true passion for creativity and an outstanding eye for design, he has honed his creative skills both in-house and in agency environments. Famed for his sartorial elegance, George owns more shirts than he’s had hot dinners, which is fewer than you might think, given that he exists entirely on a diet of Tracker bars.


Creative Director

Steve Cluett

As Creative Director, Steve employs his years of expertise in brand design and strategy to plan, devise and bring to fruition the vision for your business. Steve studied at Winchester School of Art and the University of Westminster, graduating with a degree in Graphic Information Design. He has spent his career working at some of London’s top branding agencies including; Columns, Uffindell, The Partners, Superunion and Playgroup. Strategic thinking, brilliantly crafted design, a passion for typography and a meticulous attention to detail are characteristics of his approach to any project.


Creative Director CGI/ VFX

Mark Hunter


Senior Client Services Manager

Amy Ford

Amy graduated from the University of Chichester with a degree in Media and has spent her whole career in creative agencies. With a keen interest in business and innovative design, Amy’s passion is building long term relationships with clients and helping create cutting-edge marketing strategies that transform businesses. The self-proclaimed clumsiest person you’ll meet, Amy is capable of spilling whatever’s in her glass (unless it’s wine). Having once portrayed a rock in her year 6 nativity, the dramatic arts’ loss is The Canopy’s (and our clients) gain.


Senior Copywriter

Ben Lewis

Firmly of the belief that two tacos is exactly half the number needed to make it through the average Tuesday, Ben pioneered two-for-two-for Tuesdays – his proudest moment. A purveyor of finely crafted copy, Ben has churned out weapons-grade wordsmithery for some of Britain’s biggest brands, including P&O Cruises, Sky TV and Now TV. A keen sportsman, he’ll try his hand at almost anything, but needs to work on his tennis. Which is rubbish.


Senior Designer

Nick Paul

Since attending Winchester School of Art, Nick has enjoyed a variety of graphic design roles both agency-side and in-house. Before joining The Canopy, Nick spent two years as a freelancer working with clients such as Ancestry, BBC, Chelsea FC, Hasbro, McLaren and Tech21. As well as a hunger to produce outstanding creative work, he has an appetite to match and is also a talented cook. A keen runner and footballer, Nick entered the London Marathon ballot five years in a row and was rejected every time.


Creative Producer

Katie Hyam

‘Hyams’ hails from St Albans, Hertfordshire, but has taken to life in Winchester like a duck to water. A sports fanatic, Katie has thrown herself into every available sport and society imaginable. Having grown up surrounded by creatives (both Katie’s parents paint and her Grandad was an architect), it’s perhaps unsurprising that Katie wanted to learn every possible design-related discipline. However, Graphic Design proved to be her true passion. She’s also a dab-hand on the ‘gram, and manages The Canopy social accounts.



Joe Fielding

Joe graduated from Winchester School of Art with a degree in Graphic Design, and a mission to produce great creative work. Joe loves collaborating closely with clients to understand their aims and create work that resonates with their brand and audience. A keen gamer, Joe also adores Anime and harbours a long-held dream to visit Japan. He is inspired by unique visual and graphic arts drawn with a clear vision and purpose. As a kid, Joe loved to order cheeseburgers without the cheese or the burger. We wouldn’t have him any other way.



Rob Luckins

Rob takes his role as chief tea-tester at The Canopy very seriously. Although rarely seen without a cuppa in hand, Rob still manages to find the time to turn out beautiful imagery inspired by photographic icons such as Mark Seliger, Art Streiber, Michael Muller, Patrick Hoelck, and Austin Hargrave. Father to two very active boys and husband to a very patient wife, Rob likes to sculpt monsters in his spare time.


Junior CGI/ VFX Artist

Jake Wallis

Despite a love of tweed and turtlenecks, Jake is not a geography teacher and in fact graduated from the University of Essex with a BA (Hons) in Digital Animation. Something of a Star Wars superfan, Jake has a self-confessed obsession with all things nerdy. When it comes to travel, Jake loves New York for its energy and immense size, although he does welcome the occasional quieter escape. Along with the support of his girlfriend, an enduring love of VFX and CGI kept Jake’s dream of breaking into the industry alive. His ultimate dream is to have his name featured in the credits of a big blockbuster.
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